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Air is one of the most important component for life.

Air is one of the most important component for life. life is possible without air. It is a mixture of several gases, water vapour, and some impurities. The blanket of air surrounding the earth’s surface is called the atmosphere. It is an integral part of the earth. This thin layer of gases is inseparable from the earth due to the gravitational force.

The atmosphere is a protective layer that safeguards the earth from the harsh conditions of the solar system. The air is a poor conductor of heat. During the day, it prevents a sudden increase in the temperature of the earth and prevents the heat to escape to the outer space during the night. It keeps the average temperature of the earth steady. Moon has no atmosphere and the temperature ranges from 121°C during the day to -157°C at night.

The atmosphere protects the earth from the radiations and cosmic rays coming from the outer space. The ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere protects the earth from the harmful  ultraviolet radiations . The dense layers of molecular gases absorb the cosmic rays, gamma rays, and X-rays thereby blocking most of the harmful effects. Tons of space debris strike the earth every day. It is the molecules present in the atmosphere that destroy them before they reach the ground.

The water vapour condenses and falls as rain, thereby, providing the earth with the life-sustaining resource. If there was no atmosphere, the water would have boiled away into space or would have remained frozen.

The earth’s atmosphere protects the inhabitants by absorbing the harmful solar rays and maintaining a steady temperature. It wards off many dangers of the space thereby making life possible on earth. It is thus an important factor of climatic control and a life-sustaining source on earth.