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A cell is the structural and functional unit of life.

A cell is the structural and functional unit of life. Cell biology deals with the study of the structure and functions of cells. It is concerned with the life processes, signalling pathways, physiological properties, metabolic properties, chemical properties, and the interaction of cells with their surroundings. Given below are a few MCQs on Cell Biology which will help the students analyze their conceptual knowledge. The answers are also provided for your reference.

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Also read:  Virus 3. The membrane around the vacuole is known as

4. Microfilaments are composed of a protein called

5. A plant cell wall is mainly composed of

Also read:  Cell Wall 6. Glycolipids in the plasma membrane are located at

Also read:  Cell Wall and Cell Membrane 7. Lysosomes are known as “suicidal bags” because

Also read:  Lysosome Structure and Functions 8. The properties of integral membrane proteins can be studied by

9. The fluidity of the plasma membrane increases with

10. Which among the following defines GPI anchored proteins?

11. The resting potential membrane is determined by

12. The oxygen and carbon dioxide crosses the plasma membrane by the process of

Also read:  Facilitated diffusion 13. A cell without a cell wall is termed as

14. Which is not an example of transmembrane transport between different subcellular compartments?

15. Which is correct regarding the peptides in the Ramachandran Plot?

16. The function of the centrosome is

Also read:  Centrosome 17. Which cell organelle is involved in apoptosis?

Also read:  Mitochondria 18. Phosphatidylserine residues in the plasma membrane are located at

19. Distribution of intrinsic proteins in the plasma membrane is

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