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1. Which of the following produces citric acid?

1. Which of the following produces citric acid? (a)  Aspergillus (b)  Pseudomonas (c)  Saccharomyces (d)  Clostridium Sol: (a)  Aspergillus. 2. Which of the following organism is nitrogen-fixing and found in rice fields in symbiotic association with  Azolla? (a)  Frankia (b)  Tolypothrix (c)  Spirulina (d)  Anabaena Sol: (d)  Anabaena. 3. Which of the following is used as a biofertilizer for soyabean crop? (a)  Rhizobium (b)  Azotobacter (c)  Nostoc (d)  Azospirillum Sol: (a)  Rhizobium. 4. A common biopesticide for preventing plants from butterfly caterpillars is  (a)  Trichoderma (b) Baculovirus (c)  Glomus (d)  Bacillus thuringiensis Sol: (d)  Bacillus thuringiensis. 5. Yeast is used for the production of (a) Tetracycline (b) Butanol (c) Ethanol (d) Citric Acid Sol: (c) Ethanol. 6. Which alga can be used as food for the human being? (a)  Chlorella (b)  Polysiphonia (c)  Ulothrix (d)  Spirogyra Sol: (a)  Chlorella . 7. Which of the following microorganisms is not used as a biofertilizer? (a)  Rhizobium (b)  Nostoc (c)  Mycorrhiza (d)  Agrobacterium Sol: (d)  Agrobacterium . 8. Find the incorrectly matched pair (a)  Serratia  – Drug addiction

(b)  Spirulina –  Single cell protein

(c)  Rhizobium –  Biofertilizer (d)  Streptomyces –  Antibiotic Sol: (a)  Serratia  – Drug addiction. 9.  Trichoderma harzianum  is useful for (a) Bioremediation of contaminated soils (b) Gene transfer in higher plants (c) Reclamation of wastelands (d) Biological control of soilborne plant pathogens Sol: (d) Biological control of soilborne plant pathogens. 10. Which of the following organisms is used in alcoholic fermentation? (a)  Pseudomonas (b)  Aspergillus (c)  Saccharomyces (d)  Penicillium Sol: (c)  Saccharomyces .

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