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1. The normal diastolic blood pressure in a normal healthy adult human is

1. The normal diastolic blood pressure in a normal healthy adult human is

2. ______ is a blood disorder where the haemoglobin is defective

3. Which of the following two-word items mean the same thing?

4. In adult humans, _______ of lead or less in the blood is considered to be normal.

5. In humans, ____________ is the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure.

6. An individual’s blood is classified as _________ if an inherited protein is found on the surface of the blood cells.

7. _________ is a condition where plaque builds up on the inside of arteries.

8. __________ is a prenatal test in which, a sample of the fluid that surrounds the foetus is recovered for testing.

9. __________ carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs from the right ventricle.

10. Snake venom usually enters the body through an open wound and enters the bloodstream through the ______

11. ______ forms clots when blood vessels get damaged.

12. __________ is a fluid that drains from the lacteals of the small intestine into the lymphatic system during digestion. It usually contains fat and proteins.

13. ___________ is a small branch of an artery that leads into a capillary.

14. Humans use haemoglobin to carry oxygen in their blood. Similarly, mollusks and crustaceans use _____________ to carry oxygen in their blood.

15. Severe loss of blood due to trauma is called 

16. ___________ is a condition where a blood clot forms in the circulatory system.

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