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1. If a hybrid expresses a character, it is called _________ 

1. If a hybrid expresses a character, it is called _________ 

2. A plant having the genotype AABbCC will produce ______ kinds of gametes

3. Colour blindness is an _________ linked recessive trait

4. In most species, mitochondrial DNA is passed down from 

5. Where are the genes for cytoplasmic male sterility in plants located?

6. _________ is a type of trait whose phenotype is influenced by more than one gene

7. An individual’s collection of genes is called ______

8. A man marries a woman and both do not show any apparent traits of inherited disease. Five sons and two daughters are born, and three of their sons suffer from a disease. However, none of the daughters is affected. The following mode of inheritance for the disease is

9. A trait that “overpowers” and hide another trait is called

10. Why is haemophilia a disease that is more commonly seen in males?

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Answer Keys for Principles of Inheritance and Variation MCQ