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1. How many biogeographic does India have?

1. How many biogeographic does India have?

2. Lime is generally added to _____ soil

3. _______ has the maximum genetic diversity in India

4. _________ is one of the most prevalent hotspots of biodiversity in India

5. Galápagos finches are a good example of ____________

6. ______ is one of the least porous soils

7. ___________ is a non-renewable resource

8. __________ is an example of an ex-situ conservation.

9. __________ is not generally seen in biodiversity hotspots.

 10. ___________ occurs when the death of the last individual in a species occurs.

11. ____________ is defined as an ecological state of a species being unique to a specific geographic location.

12. _________ is the forest cover to be maintained as per the National Forest Policy (1988)

13. ___________ is defined as the number of species represented in a specific region, landscape or an ecological community.

14. Global warming can significantly be controlled by _____________

15. _______ is the basic unit of classification and a taxonomic rank 

16. Which of the following animals is now extinct?

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