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1. __________ and _________ coined the term “Meiosis”.

1. __________ and _________ coined the term “Meiosis”.

2. Chromatids coiling in the meiotic and mitotic division is _____

3. When there is an increase in the condensation of chromatin during the process of cell division – 

4. The condensation of chromosomes is observed in ______

5. Nuclear DNA replicates in the ________ phase.

6. _________ is a form of cell division which results in the creation of gametes or sex cells.

7. ____ is the number of DNA in the chromosome at the G2 stage of the cell cycle

8. The stage which serves as a connecting link between meiosis 1 and meiosis 2

9. The longest stage in the cell cycle is 

10. The _______ state implies the exit of cells from the cell cycle

11. Synapsis is defined as the pairing of ________

12. Mitosis can be observed in _____

13. The spindle apparatus is formed during the ________ phase of mitosis.

14. Cyclin is associated with ___________

15. If an individual wants to view diakinesis, which of these would be

16. Chromosome structure can be observed best during ____

Answer Keys for Cell Cycle And Cell Division MCQ

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