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The textbooks for

The Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh (MPBSE) plays a vital role in maintaining a standard syllabus for all the classes along with the selection of right textbooks for each classes. It includes the topics after discussing with the subject experts. The Board selects the textbooks for all the subjects and then makes available in all the bookstores. The textbook provided by the board is as per the curriculum.

Moreover, it is a primary method of learning any of the subjects thoroughly in chapter wise. Both the Students and teachers follow the MP Board Class 7 syllabus provided by the board thoroughly. These textbooks are generally revised by the subject experts from time to time. The resources provided by the textbooks generally helps to obtain the in-depth knowledge of each chapter.

The basic subject we learn from kindergarten is mathematics. It is extensively used in our day-to-day life. Maths generally deals with different concepts and formulas. Maths is the gate and it is the key to science. We all know that technology is developing and it will never be ended. It is closely related to mathematics. We are providing the e-book of class 7 Mathematics and science syllabus.

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