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The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) framed the Bihar Board Class 7 Syllabus for Maths, Science, Social Science, English and all other subjects, covered in Class for the academic year. BSEB syllabus aims at bringing the curiosities among children to shape their experiences and ideas. It helps to express their views about the language clearly. The Bihar Board 7th Class syllabus is framed according to the curriculum suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).

A good syllabus should be challenging, giving inspiration to the students and it is linked with their life. The syllabus should have the following components:

A syllabus is the summary of the course content and it contains the important information. A good syllabus should be flexible to the students and students should get systematic learning approach. It helps to develop the personality of the students and it sustains the students’ attention.

Mathematics and Science are interrelated. We cannot do anything in Science without Mathematics. It helps you to take decisions and it helps to think critically and logically. The basic concepts involved in Class 7 Maths are number system, measurement, geometry, algebra etc. In Science, living organism, matter around us, motion and forces etc chapters are included. The concepts in Class 7 Syllabus provide basic knowledge and students will come to know about the detailed knowledge on those concepts in their higher classes.

Here is the syllabus for BSEB Class 7 Maths and Science:

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