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Its headquarter is in Patna.

The Bihar School Examination Board commonly known as BSEB, under the Government of Bihar conducts examinations based on the syllabus prescribed by the board. Its headquarter is in Patna. It conducts exams for both Government and private schools in that state. The board conducts examination for secondary and senior secondary levels twice in a year. The Annual board examination is conducted in the month of February-March and supplementary examination are conducted in the month of August-September, every year.

The Bihar education department has been working continuously to increase the literacy rate. The goals of the board are as follows:

There is a significant change in the education system of Bihar after the different innovative strategies came into existence. Students get incentives like free textbooks, uniforms, mid-day meal and various scholarships provided by the government. The Government is taking necessary steps to strengthen the primary and secondary education in Bihar.

Click the link below to get the Bihar Board Class 7 syllabus, textbooks, previous year question papers.

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