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A good textbook is the storehouse of knowledge.

The Bihar State Textbook Corporation Limited publishes the textbook for the students of Bihar on the basis of the class syllabus. A good textbook is the storehouse of knowledge. The syllabus in the textbooks are arranged in a systematic way so that the students could be able to remind it. The subject contained in the textbook should be bias free. A textbook should be written in simple language. In case of any technical term or phrase used in the book, it should be explained clearly.

The important source material for exam preparation is textbook. The Bihar board textbook contains the Bihar board Class 7 syllabus, prescribed by the curriculum. The questions asked for the examination is taken from the textbook. It is mandatory to read the textbook thoroughly to score good marks. If you want to know more about the particular topic in the textbook you can also refer any reference book. A good textbook should have clear visual illustrations for easy understanding.

The textbook matters a lot when it is used properly and effectively. The exercises given at the end of each chapter helps the students to know about their learning capacity. It includes multiple-choice questions, short questions along with the answers. It is helpful to students while preparing for examinations.

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