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The State Bank of India conducts the SBI SO entrance test annually for eligible candidates.

The State Bank of India conducts the SBI SO entrance test annually for eligible candidates. The SO exam is conducted to recruit SBI Specialist Officers for various departments. Aspirants of SBI SO exam must give a boost to their preparation by taking free online SBI SO Mock Test given by StudySolver.

Being the State Government Job, SBI SO exam witnesses increased competition every year. Thus, it is important for the aspirants to take the SBI SO Mock Test regularly for smooth and effective preparation of the SO examination.

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SBI SO Mock Test 1 :- Download PDF Here

SBI SO Mock Test 2 :-   Download PDF Here

SBI SO Mock Test 3 :- Download PDF Here

SBI SO test series is designed in alignment with SBI SO previous year papers so as to help candidates prepare extensively for the exam.

The series of free SBI SO online tests consists of free mock tests containing 25 SBI SO model questions. The questions in these mock tests are from the three main sections of the exam covered in SBI SO previous papers.

Candidates taking free online SBI SO Prelims mock test will get a comprehensive set of SBI SO Question paper, detailed solution of each question and Answer Key in the series.

For holistic preparation of the exam, candidates are advised to practice SBI SO previous year paper and Online Quizzes along with the free mock tests for SBI SO exam.

Candidates applying for the SBI SO exam need to be aware of the SBI SO exam pattern which includes Two papers – Paper I and Paper II.

Paper I comprises of questions from:

Paper II comprises of questions from:

The distribution of marks of each section totally depends on the type of SBI SO post that a candidate has applied for at the time of online application.

Now that the candidates are well aware of the SBI SO paper Pattern they should start early to stay ahead of the competition.

Regularly taking SBI SO free mock test series helps to practice, revise, analyse and improve performance to ace the SBI Specialist Officers exam.

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The free SBI SO online test series pattern will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the free SBI SO Mock Test given below.

Directions 1-2: Each question has a pair of CAPITALIZED words followed by four pairs of words. Choose the pair of words which best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in the capitalized pair.

Directions 3-4 : In each of these questions, a sentence has been divided into four parts and marked I, II, III, and IV. One or more parts contains a mistake in grammar, idiom or syntax. Identify that part and mark it as the answer.

Directions 5-6 Read the following sentences and select that item which does not belong to the group.

Q.7. Six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three are given below. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.

Q.8. City A has a population of 68000, which is decreasing at the rate of 1200 per year, City B has a population of 42000, which is increasing at the rate of 800 per year. In how many years will the population of the two villages be equal?

Solution 8: Let the population of Village A and B be equal after P years

Hence, the population of the two villages will be equal after 13 years

Q.9. 74 is divided into two parts so that 5 times of one part and 11 times the others are together equal to 454. The parts are?

Solution 9. Let the two parts be x and (74 – x)

Q.10. the square root of (272 2 – 128 2 ) is ?

Solution 10. √(272 2 – 128 2 ) = √(272 + 128) (272 – 128)

Q.11. The average salary of workers in a factory is ₹6000. The average salary of 150 technicians is ₹12000 and that of non-technicians is ₹3750. What is the total number of workers in the factory?

Solution 11. Let total number of workers be S,

Then, 6000s = (12000 x 150) + 3750 (s – 150)

Hence, the total number of workers in the factory is 550.

Q.12. The average age of a mother and her six children is 12 years which is reduced by 5 years if the age of the mother is excluded. How old is the mother?

Solution 12: Age of the mother = (12 x 7 – 7 x 6) = 42 years.

Q.13. The sum of two numbers is 37 and the difference of their squares is 185, then the difference between the two numbers is?

Solution 13. Let the numbers be A and B where A > B.

Q.14. If an electricity bill is paid before the due date, one gets a reduction of 4% on the amount of the bill. By the bill before the due date a person got a reduction of ₹13. What is the final amount of the electricity bill?

Solution 14. Let the amount of the bill be ₹b.

Q.15. By selling 45 lemons for ₹40 Ashit loses 20%. How many should he sell for ₹24 to gain 20% in the transaction?

Solution 15. Let the S.P. of 45 lemons be ₹x

For ₹24 lemons sold = [(45/60) x 24] = 18

Q.16. Ashit offers 2.5% discount on cash purchase to his customers. If Rekha wants to buy a cycle the marked price of which is 650. What cash amount would she pay availing the discount?

Directions 19-21 Read the following and answer the questions.

Sohan is standing at a point G. After walking 12m to the East he takes a left and walks 9m to reach the point S. After taking right and walking 5m he reaches point Y which is 5m to the south-west of point J.

Tarun who is standing at point J starts walking towards 4m to the North. Taking left and walking 14m, Tarun reaches Point D. Again he takes left walks 8m and stops at point R. Point Z is 9m North of point Q and 6m to the west of point R.

Q.19. In which direction is point D with respect to point Q?

Q.20. What is the distance between point R and L, if L is 1m to the south of D?

Q.21. In which direction is Point G with respect to point J?

Directions 22- 25: Read the information carefully and answer the following questions.

Seven flights namely J, B, D, Q, E, L, I are scheduled to fly to London. There is only one flight to London on each of the seven days of the week.

D flies on Wednesday, I flies the day next to B’s flight. B does not fli=y on Monday or Friday. Two airlines flies between day B and E flies. E does not fly on Sunday. Q flies a day before L.

Q.22. On which of the following days does J fly?

Q.23. How many flights fly between L and D?

Q.24. If Flight D is postponed to Sunday owing to some technical problem and all the flights scheduled from Thursday to Sunday are now made to take off a day ahead of the regular schedule then, which of the following flights would now fly on Friday?

Q.25. Which of the following flights flies on Friday?

Aspirants of SBI specialist Officer Exams are advised to keep checking this page regularly for new SBI SO Mock Test papers.

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