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The IBPS Exam is one of the most sought after exams in India.

The banking sector is growing more day by day and that’s the reason they are hiring a lot of candidates for different positions like PO’s, SO’s, Clerks and many other posts.

The IBPS Exam is one of the most sought after exams in India. It conducts recruitment for exams like PO, SO, Clerk and RRB.

The selection procedures for these posts are almost the same as they have two exams in common.

These bank exams can be cracked in the first attempt if someone does the following steps:

A complete study on the IBPS syllabus and important topics help to score well in the exam.

The syllabus for various exams helps a lot in understanding the different expected topics.

Once you filled the IBPS application form , start your preparation from day one, give enough time to the preliminary subjects. Give extra time to the subjects in which you feel you are less confident.

Try developing a regular habit of practicing study materials, so that you don’t forget them. Assign a time to revise what you have studied throughout the day.

At the end of the week try to solve the mock papers, as this gives you detailed progress of yourself, how much you have prepared and at which topic you need to prepare more.

Prepare from the best study materials

As you want to crack it in the first attempt, so it is very much important to follow some best study materials so that it does not break your confidence.

Explore relevant IBPS Books for exam preparation.

Start from the easy questions then go for the tough ones, as it helps to build more confidence.

Don’t just study from books, study from the internet and explore the limitless study materials available over the world of the internet.

Try to speed up your ability to solve a question with accuracy. If you are good at solving the easy questions very fast skip that part and try to solve tougher ones, this will give you the confidence to solve the tough questions rapidly.

Important Links to Prepare for Bank and Government exams:

The various preparation strategy with respect to the subject is given below:

Learn math tricks which give accuracy, go in-depth understanding of each chapter like:

Ratio, Data Interpretation, Average, Profit, and loss.

Topics that carry high weight-age in reasoning aptitude are Syllogism , Machine Input-Output, etc.

Don’t panic about the verbal reasoning topics as these take less time to complete.

The level of difficulty for this section is increasing day by day. To clear the cut – off marks of this section one must be a good reader of the English Language. Make a habit of reading different articles, journals. Do work on your grammar as well.

Preparing for this section is very much difficult for most of the students as one has to remember a lot of dates, events, and names with daily happenings at the National and International arena. Don’t give a lot of time to study this section.

Check the following pages to prepare for general awareness section of bank exams:

This part is very easy for the guys who love the computer and want to know about computers. Practice some sample papers on this topic because these questions are almost the same every year.

Be confident and be positive in your interview as this is the last hurdle to cross, to reach your ultimate goal. The interviewer knows it very well that these are the candidates who gave tremendous competition to other candidates.

The candidate should have a positive approach to the questions asked by the interviewer. Try to answer them with honesty and precision. 

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