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In this article, we shall look into a complete comparison of why Bank or SSC jobs are preferred over an MBA degree.

According to the latest statistical report, there are people who aspire to join the banking sector or appear for SSC exams . While on the other hand, there are candidates who are interested to do higher studies, pursuing an MBA degree guarantees a lucrative job opportunity.

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However, the latest research shows that maximum candidates are ready to give a try to SSC or bank exams.

As the job market is becoming more competitive day-by-day, pursuing an MBA from a B-School has become a costly affair.

There are five major SSC exams which are conducted in the country. These include:

Candidates can pick a perfect career option among the above mentioned SSC exams as per their eligibility and get a job in the Government sector, which is unlikely to happen if a candidate pursues MBA.

In India, there are millions of aspirants who wish to study MBA for higher education, but due to its high cost, it has become difficult for aspirants to afford the high fee.

The consumption of time is another factor why people do not want to lose their 2 years of peak time. Instead, they prefer to utilise the time in gearing up for Govt or bank exam preparation to join the banking or SSC sector.

As for bank exams, there are two major posts for which bank exams are conducted. These include:

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Given below are some of the main reasons why people are interested in banks or SSC jobs and drop their interest to go for higher education:

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On the contrary, Bank or SSC jobs assure a secured career for candidates who are able to crack the exams. For instance, the  salary range  for the various bank or SSC jobs is pretty decent.

Here are a few key reasons why people choose Bank/SSC Jobs over MBA degree:

Candidates can check the salary structure of a bank of SSC employee in the articles given below. There are multiple perks and benefits which are given to every employee in these two sectors:

After looking into all these reasons, candidates feel the demand for bank or SSC jobs is increasing every day at an exponential rate.

Since the number of candidates appearing for the bank exams every year is ever-increasing, these exams have become very competitive in nature. Hence with strong determination and hard work, an aspiring candidate can secure a Govt/Bank job in the public sector.

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