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Ans. SBI is the largest Public Sector Bank in the country. However, the SBI salary is not the highest in terms of a Bank job. The Reserve Bank of India provides the maximum salary to its employees in the banking sector.

Ans. The Banking sector provides a decent salary structure along with perks and benefits which are provided to each of its employees. To know the pay scale and salary division of employees in the banking sector, candidates can visit the Bank Employees Salary range page.

Ans. No, the pay commission is not applicable for SBI salary. It is only applicable for Central Government employees. SBI Salary is managed as per the Bipartite Settlement.

Ans. The SBI PO salary is the highest and the SBI Clerk is the least among the PO, SO and Junior Associate posts.

Ans. After 5 years the SBI salary of a Probationary Officer is approximately Rs. 42020. This is exclusive of the perks and benefits provided to the Officer cadre employee.

The State Bank of India (SBI) conducts SBI Exams annually to recruit candidates in the banking sector. A job in the State Bank of India is considered prestigious because of the high SBI salary and multiple benefits that every employee is provided with. 

SBI recruitment is conducted for the following posts:

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In this article, the SBI salary for various of its posts is discussed in detail. 

To know more about SBI exams , check at the linked article. 

The salary of an SBI employee varies accordingly with the post and experience. Given below is the post-wise SBI Salary detail as per the Bipartite Settlement.

Several candidates apply for the post of SBI Clerk annually as it is an entry-level position for the aspirants who want to join the banking sector. 

Currently, the basic SBI Salary for the post of SBI Clerk in India is around Rs.11765/. Candidates willing to apply for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam  can refer to the linked page.

Given below is the detailed SBI Clerk Salary as per the Bipartite Settlement.

Apart from the basic pay, there are also various other components in the SBI Clerk salary structure which makes this post a desirable one. These include Dearness Allowance, House Accommodation, Pension Schemes, Provident Funds and Medical Insurance. 

To know more about SBI Clerk Salary , refer to the linked page.

As per the SBI PO salary structure, the basic pay is set at Rs. 27,620/- with 4 advance increments. The State Bank of India is known to have the highest salary range amongst the public banks in India. Many candidates aspire to apply for the position of SBI Probationary Officer because of the perks and salary provided in this sector.

To know more about SBI PO , refer to the linked page.

The table below provides a detailed SBI Salary structure for the post of SBI PO.

Apart from the basic pay, the SBI PO is also provided with the following allowances:

For more information on SBI PO Salary , refer to the linked page.

The post of SBI SO is considered to be prestigious because of the multiple benefits provided along with the SBI SO Salary. The State Bank of India conducts SBI SO Exam annually to recruit candidates as Specialist Cadre Officers. 

To know more about SBI SO , refer to the linked page. 

The SBI SO Salary varies accordingly with the posts. The basic pay of SBI SO Junior Management (grade 1) is Rs 23,700. 

The table below shows the detailed SBI SO Salary as per the different grades and posts of SBI SO. 

For further information on SBI SO Salary , refer to the linked page. 

The roles and responsibilities of SBI employees vary from post to post under different departments.

Candidates can also apply for other government exams that have a great designation, career, and salary. Aspirants applying for the post of IAS officer can check the IAS salary at the linked article.

Candidates are also advised to refer to this page for any updates on SBI Salary. 

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SBI Clerk Salary in India- Basic Pay

Rs.13075/ (Increment in 6 stages)

Salary after 1st Increment- Rs. 13730/-

Salary after 2nd Increment-Rs. 16175/-

Salary after 3rd Increment- Rs. 20095/-

Salary after 4th Increment- Rs. 28110/-

Salary after 5th increment- Rs 30230/-

Salary after 6th increment- Rs 31450/-

Rs 27620/ ( Increment in 4 stages)

1st Increment – Rs. 23700-980/7

2nd Increment – Rs. 30560-1145/2

3rd Increment – Rs. 32850-1310/7

4th Increment – Rs. 42020

Junior Management Grade Scale I (JMGS I)


Middle Management Grade Scale II (MMGS II)

Middle Management Grade Scale III (MMGS III)

Senior Management Grade Scale IV (SMGS-IV)