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Participants who clear the bank exam are called for the interview process.

Every bank exam conducted anywhere has two steps; the Common Written Examination followed by the interview process. Participants who clear the bank exam are called for the interview process. And as an aspirant for a bank job, it’s very important for the candidate to put their best foot forward.

Here we provide you the interview questions with answers, interview tips and everything a candidate might need to know.  In the interview, the overall personality of the candidate is judged and it is very important that every gesture the candidate makes, or every word they say should prove their worth for the job.

There is a saying “there are two days when you absolutely have to look your very best; your wedding day and your perfect job interview”. Remember that initially you are judged based on your appearance. Remember first impression leaves a mark, so if you dress well, your half job is done.

Once the candidate is all set with the appearance then he/she should not concentrate on the conversation with the panelists.

Bank interviews are for about 15-20 minutes maximum and in some cases may be less, so the candidate should be prepared with everything but with fewer words “more talk fewer words” to leave a lasting impact on the panelist.

Bank interview questions would be different for every new candidate; they can ask you questions about yourself, banking Sector, general awareness, current affairs etc.

The following are some most frequent questions with best answers you can give:

Question 1: Introduce yourself/ tell us about yourself

Answer : your introduction should be concise and shall cover all the possible information about you. ANSWER SHORT

When you talk about yourself; make sure to keep your resume on the table, just in case the panelist wants to refer it.

This question is always asked from IT students. The probability of this question is 99.9%

Question 2: Why you want to enter Banking Sector after IT OR Why Bank Jobs?

Answer : Banking Sector provides a wide range in career opportunities and also is one of the fastest growing sectors in India providing great career opportunity for graduates like me.

Also, Govt. bank jobs provide a job security which any high paying private job would fail to do so.

Question 3: Will you leave this job if you get a better opportunity with other private bank or other organization?

Answer: I am looking for a stable career. So I won’t put my present job at stake just for small benefits. When I have good growth prospects here, then rather than change I’d give my best here instead.

Question 4: How your BE/ B.Tech/ MBA/ B.Pharma/ ME/ M.Tech is going to help the  bank ?

Answer : tell them your real reason; the panelists are very well aware about the dearth of jobs for engineering graduates.

So answer like “Bank job has been my childhood dream or to become a bank officer is my ambition” should be definitely avoided.

Relating your study field with banking job is the key to answer this question. So be prepared with the suitable answer.

Question 5: What are you Strengths?

Answer : I can adapt to situ ations based on needs. Once I learn the concepts, I get involved with the work to motivate myself

As the above sample, portray your strengths in the favor of the job.

Question 6: What are your weaknesses?

Answer : Be careful while revealing your weaknesses. If you say you are an impatient person, it will create a bad impression, because you need to be patient while dealing with the customers.

So, choose your answer wisely as it should not affect your chances with the job.

Question 7: Where have you come from and what is famous in your city?

Answer : The candidate must tell about his/her place of living- city and state. If the board further asks about any specifications, then name of the district etc. should be told. He/she must tell about the famous things of his place. For ex:- A candidate from Lucknow  can tell about Imambara, chicken clothes, “tehzeeb” of Lucknow etc. The key things to deal this question effectively are:-

The candidate must know about the local MLA and MP from his area. If any renowned personality belongs to that area, you should be aware of the details.

She/he must have full knowledge about that place, its history, famous monuments, personalities, rivers, at times even number of railway stations in the city etc., also about the politics of that state-CM and ruling party and all other attractions of his/her place.

At times, questions about local politics are also put forward like a candidate, from Amethi was asked about the electoral battle between Rahul Gandhi and Kumar Vishwas from Amethi.

A good answer to such questions leaves a very positive impact on the board as it demonstrates your awareness about the surroundings and the fact that you are well prepared puts you ahead of others.

The following are some more tips that would help the candidates to give their best.

For anymore assistance, the StudySolver team is always here to assist you. We wish you all the very best.

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