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Also, the links given below shall help candidates ace the upcoming Probationary Officer exam 2020:

Every year IBPS conducts a National level examination to recruit candidates into Public sector banks in India. Proper preparation for the IBPS Exams will help them achieve the dream of getting into the banking sector.

Cracking the IBPS PO exam in 15 days may sound amusing but for a candidate who is aware of the basic concepts or has prepared for any for the competitive exams in the past, this is not an unachievable task.

With the IBPS PO Notification 2020 already out, we bring to you the best tips which will help you ace the upcoming Probationary Officer exam with just 15 days of thorough preparation.

The most recommended way is to solve IBPS PO Mock Tests Online and analyse the exam pattern and level of examination well.

Also, the links given below shall help candidates ace the upcoming Probationary Officer exam 2020:

The IBPS PO exam is one of the most sought after exams in the country and aspirants across the world await for the recruitment procedure to start. The number of candidates applying for the IBPS exam is increasing each year and candidates must pay special attention to preparing well for the IBPS PO exam.

Those candidates who are confident, are all busy in their final stage of bank exam preparation. And those who are having doubts about the pattern, clearing the cut-offs, difficulty or scoring well are in a confused state.

This article gives an idea about the 15 strategic plan to help the candidate in their final preparation for the PO Exam.

To know more about the government exams , refer to the linked article.

The 3 major requirements for proper preparation for the bank exam are:

Candidates should be very careful while preparing for the topics necessary for the  IBPS PO exam .

The most important thing that a candidate must keep in mind while preparing for any bank or government exam is that they should be very familiar with the syllabus for the respective exam.

The IBPS PO Syllabus is very vast and candidates must carefully go through the syllabus before starting their preparation for the exam. This is the first step that needs to be followed.

Accuracy: Make sure that you increase the number of the correct answers and minimize the wrong attempts so that the marks per correct answer will be valued.

Time Management: This is the most important part of the examination, it depends upon how you attempt the question, how you manage to give time to sections that need more time which can get over in few minutes.

Speed: This part is the part which can give you confidence and help you to crack IBPS PO examination.

Candidates who have a high speed with accuracy will manage the time easily. Candidates can increase their speed by solving more and more problems, keeping the track of time.

To begin with, the candidate must be familiar with the IBPS PO exam pattern and syllabus. This will enable them to make a quick judgement as to from where and which subject the preparation must be started. 

There are 5 topics which are asked in the IBPS PO Prelims and Mains combined together. Candidates who wish to check the detailed syllabus for the same can check the links given below:

Since the IBPS PO Prelims is the first phase where only three subjects are included in the syllabus, aspirants must know that the marks scored in this section are only qualifying in nature and are not included in the final merit.

It must also be noted that since there is negative marking in the Online Computer-based tests, the final preparation must be done keeping time management and accuracy in mind.

A detailed description of these subjects has been given below for the candidate’s reference:

Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation: Everyone should know the syllabus of these two sections. Focus on the Data Interpretation part more, because this part is one of those, which will affect your score. It is one of the lengthiest sections in the bank exam and in order to complete the IBPS PO syllabus for quantitative aptitude on time, candidates need to pay more attention in preparing this section well. 

There must be 15 questions from data interpretation. Candidate must set up a minimum target of 25/35.

Reasoning:  The reasoning section is another important subject for not just IBPS PO syllabus but for the syllabus of many other exams.Candidates have to work out efficiently on the alphabets, logical reasoning , and directions related questions. This is the easiest and most scoring part in the PO Exam.

Topics to be covered in reasoning are:

There is a total of 10 to 15 number of questions. One of the most difficult parts of reasoning is the puzzles, but keep in mind all the topics in reasoning are not difficult.

If you get three questions from the puzzles section, then surely one of them will be very easy. The puzzle section needs a lot of practice and we just have 15 days left so, now you have to focus on the topics that are easy and needs less practice than that of the Puzzle.

Blood relation questions are also quite complicated, but if you start solving it from the end part of the question, it will be easier for you. Here also keep the target of attending 25 questions out of 35.

English: Improve your error-correction, Rearrangement based questions, finding the grammatical error. Improve your reading skill by reading 20 minutes daily, there are questions, which are very easy to solve in this section, but all you need is to increase your speed.

This section is one such part of the IBPS PO syllabus where candidates tend to lose maximum marks. So candidates must make sure that they do not attempt too many guesses while solving this section in the final exam.

Comprehensions are long and need time, there are portions like antonym and synonyms, which are easy to solve, for that, you have to build your vocabulary.

For last minute preparations, the best step is solving as many model tests and sample papers as possible. This will enable candidates to revise the entire syllabus all at one and based on the marks scored at the end of each of these test, candidates can analyse which subjects are their strengths and which ones are their weaknesses.

Another benefit of solving them is that aspirants will be able to know the important topics with respect to the examination. During the last 15 days, candidates can focus on these topics only. To practise more questions for the Bank PO preparation, refer to the links given below:

With just 15 days in hand to prepare for the IBPS PO exam, it is suggested that candidates carefully review the previous year question papers. This is going to act as an advantage for the candidate appearing in the exam. Given below are the links for the same:

Solve at most 50 to 60 mock papers in this last 15 days, and while solving the mock papers keep the time and previous year cut off in your mind so that it will be helpful for you to clear both the sectional and overall cutoff.

Candidates should be updated regularly on important exam related aspects through the official IBPS Notification.

After solving, the mock papers analyze it. You will be able to know how much you have attempted; how many are correct and wrong. Work on the wrong ones for that particular day after solving the mock papers.

For further preparation, tips and queries contact StudySolver’s.

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