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The questions are modelled on the lines of the previous years’ IBPS SO question papers.

The free IBPS SO Mock Test contains 25 questions covering all the sections of the IBPS SO Prelims Syllabus.

Aspirants can check the answers in the free IBPS SO Mock Test PDF which is given after the questions. The questions are modelled on the lines of the previous years’ IBPS SO question papers.

Candidates can find more free IBPS SO Prelims Mock Tests at the linked article.

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Directions 1-2: Each question has a pair of capitalized words along with four pairs of alternatives. Choose the best alternative that expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the capitalized word.

Directions 3-4: Questions given below is a sentence divided into four parts. Select the part which has an error.

Q.5. Given below are sentences in improper sequence, which form a logical paragraph when sequenced properly. From the given choices you have to choose the most logical order of sentence to construct a rational paragraph.

Directions 6-7: Questions given below have four items. Choose the option that does not belong to the given group.

Directions 8-9: Study the table below and answer the following questions:

Q.8. What is the average number of projects handled by A all these given years?

Q.9. What is the respective ratio between the total number of projects handled by both companies in all the years given?

Q.14. In the box there are 4 Red, 4 Orange and 2 White marbles. Two marbles are drawn at random. What is the probability that at least 1 marble is of white color?

Q.15. 349×19 + Y ×180 = 6991. Find Y

Directions (17-19): Read the details given below carefully and answer the following questions:

Ten people are sitting in a row, some are facing north while some are facing south. Etti sits fourth to the right of Dev who sits one of the extreme ends of the row. More than two persons are sitting between Karishma and Etti. Bhavni sits third to the left of Chetan who is an immediate neighbour of Karishma, both are facing the same direction. Arnav sits fourth to the left of the one who sits to the immediate right of Bhavni. Hemant sits third to the right of the one who sits second to the left of Firoz who is not an immediate neighbour of Bhavni. Both Hemant and Etti facing opposite direction to each other. Ishita sits fourth to the right of Gaurav, both are facing the opposite direction. Hemant sits third to the right of Gaurav. People who sit at extreme ends face opposite directions. Karishma does not face north. Arnav and Ishita facing the same direction.

Q 17. Who sits third to right of Gaurav?

Q 18. Who sits exactly in between Dev and Aarav?

Q 19. Who sits fourth from the right end of the line?

Directions (20-21): The following questions contain a statement followed by two conclusions. Read the given information carefully and answer the questions accordingly.

Directions (22-23): In the given questions, three statements are given followed by two conclusions. Analyse the statements carefully and mark the correct option.

Conclusion I: Some chairs are plates.

Conclusion II: All the tables are plates.

Conclusion I: Some houses are villas

Conclusion II: Some flats beings villa is a possibility

Q 24. In the word ‘PREPARATION’, how many such pairs of letters are present each of which has the same number of letters between them as in the english alphabetical series?

Q 25. Study the below mentioned alpha numeric series and then answer the question.

P E 4 5 * V ? $ J L+ S 0 N A ! ? D F C & W 6 =

Which is the sixth element to the right of the thirteenth element from the left end of the row?

IBPS SO Mock Test 1 (with Answers): – Download PDF Here

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