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It also selects clerks and managers for regional rural banks.

The Institute for Banking Personnel Selection conducts recruitment examinations for public sector banks across the country. It also selects clerks and managers for regional rural banks. A large part of effective preparation for these exams depends on the choice of IBPS books.

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Since the examinations are well known and highly competitive, there is no dearth of books for them. However, the best IBPS books cover the subjects in an innovative manner and are highly relevant for the exam. We will discuss a few strategies for choosing IBPS preparation books and also list specific books for each exam.

The best way to select IBPS preparation books is to familiarise yourself with the syllabus. The institute publishes an indicative syllabus which is available on the exam notification. The detailed syllabus is drawn up by studying previous years’ papers and sample papers available on the institutes’ official website. In general, the following subjects are common to all exams held by the IBPS:

Find the detailed syllabus of IBPS examinations here:

The following are some important IBPS preparation books:

Apart from books, solving mock tests, quiz and previous year papers can also be of great help for candidates. Given below is the list of mock tests that candidates can refer to while preparing for bank exams:

The books mentioned above are sufficient to prepare for any examination conducted by the institute. However, depending on the syllabus and specialisation required for specific examinations, additional books should be studied. For example, for Specialist Officer’s exam, the institute specifies subjects based on vacancies that the participating banks have. For these, candidates should refer to textbooks in their respective subject.

Candidates should also regularly read newspapers and magazines to keep abreast of current affairs.

While choosing an IBPS exam book, the candidates should keep in mind the following main factors:

The best IBPS books and study material, coupled with a good preparation strategy and discipline will ensure success in these exams. Candidates can refer to StudySolver website for study material and updates on all upcoming bank exams.

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