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Ans. Yes, each SBI PO online mock test comprises of detailed solution for each question in the practise paper.

Ans. Yes, the SBI PO Prelims Mock Tests are available in PDF format and candidates can download the free mock test PDF and solve it whenever they want.

Ans. As candidates can download the SBI PO Free online mock tests in PDF format, they can easily retake the SBI PO sample papers offline multiple times to practice and improve their performance.

Ans. StudySolver SBI PO Mock Tests are designed by the experts with an aim to provide the best preparation for the SBI PO exam. The full length and sectional SBI PO free mock test simulate the real exam scenario. The detailed solution and answers after each SBI PO practice paper give performance reports that help candidates to improve the weak areas and score better marks in the final face-off .

Ans. The subjects included in the SBI PO Syllabus are English Language (Objective & Descriptive), Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness. The syllabus for SBI PO exam is vast and candidates can know the detailed section-wise bank exam syllabus at the linked article.

SBI PO Free Mock Tests are one of the most helpful ways to ace the SBI PO exam. Candidates struggling to crack SBI PO must give a final touch up to their exam preparation by taking SBI PO Mock Tests. For better results in the upcoming SBI exam 2021, candidates must solve the Free SBI PO Online Test Series and Practice Papers on a regular basis.

The SBI PO Prelims Mock Tests series consists of sample papers based on SBI PO previous year paper and exam pattern. Moreover, candidates will also get detailed solutions along with the answers in SBI PO free mock test PDFs.

SBI PO Mock Test 1 :- Download PDF Here

SBI PO Mock Test 2 :- Download PDF Here

SBI PO Mock Test 3 :- Download PDF Here

For detailed information on  upcoming bank exams , refer to the linked article.

The State Bank of India conducts SBI PO exam every year. Each year the number of applicants for SBI PO exam keeps increasing, thus, increasing the competition. The SBI PO notification marks the beginning of the Probationary Officer recruitment and candidates and get the important dates related to the examination in the same.

To explore other  SBI exams , check at the linked article.

Aspirants of SBI PO exam are advised to take SBI PO free online mock tests provided by StudySolver for their complete preparation and to outperform in the actual exam.

For information on Bank PO exams, kindly check the page linked here.

The State Bank of India is the conducting body for the Probationary Officer exam and the exam dates are also released by this body itself.

The SBI PO 2020-21 exam notification was released on November 13, 2020. Thus, candidates must continue with their preparations and ensure they solve more and more SBI PO mock tests, question papers and practise papers to strengthen their command over every topic under each section.

For candidates who wish to check the tentative exam schedule for the SBI PO 2021 examination, they can visit the SBI PO exam dates  page.

Apart from SBI, various other Banking sector bodies conduct the examination to recruit Probationary Officer. Candidates can get the previous year Bank PO question papers for these exams at the linked article.

SBI PO Online test series consists of the sample papers containing 25 SBI PO model questions. The questions in these practice papers are based on the three main sections of the SBI PO exam.

The sample papers created for SBI PO are aligned to the SBI PO previous years’ question paper. Candidates can solve the SBI PO online test series for the three main subjects which are a part of the SBI PO prelims examination: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language.

Also, check the Banking Awareness syllabus for the General Awareness section at the linked article.

Why SBI PO online mock tests are important?

Apart from solving the SBI PO mock tests series, it is also suggested that candidates must solve  SBI PO Previous Year Question Paper  for better understanding of the exam pattern and standard of examination.

Candidates are also suggested take online quizzes regularly along with SBI PO online mock tests to analyze their level of preparation.

For the reference of candidates, given below are the links for the SBI PO exam analysis for the prelims and mains phase of examination:

Candidates can refer to the above-mentioned links and understand the previous year’s level of examination. It will prove as an additional help to the candidates along with solving the SBI PO mock tests and previous year question papers.

The exam pattern of SBI PO exam is set by the conducting body i.e. State Bank Of India. The SBI PO prelims exam pattern consists of three main sections i.e. Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language.

SBI PO exam pattern more or less remains unchanged. The exam pattern of last SBI PO exam was as given below.

For more information regarding the SBI PO prelims examination, candidates can visit the linked article.

It is important to take SBI PO Free Mock Tests regularly to score well in the exam. SBI PO online mock test series helps to practice, revise, analyse and improve performance to outdistance the competitors in the SBI PO examination.

Candidates must keep themselves entirely prepared for the upcoming SBI PO exam in order to qualify it in a single attempt. Check the  SBI PO Preparation  tips in detail to prepare well for the exam.

Candidates can get more details related to SBI PO in the linked a rticle.

The free SBI PO mock test pattern will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the free SBI PO Prelims mock test given below.

Q.1. The price of Apple rises by ₹40 per year and that of oranges by ₹15 per year. If the price of Apple and orange in the year 2002 was ₹420 and ₹630 respectively, in which year the price of Apples will be ₹40 more than price of oranges?

Solution 1: let the given condition be fulfilled n years after 2002.

Then, price of Apples after n years = ₹(420 + 40n).

Price of oranges after n years = ₹(630 + 15n)

So, the required year is 10 years after 2002 i.e. 2012.

Q.2. The number of students in each section of the school is 24. After admitting new students three new sections were started. Now the total number of sections is 16 and there are 21 students in each section. Find the number of new students admitted in the school?

Solution 2: Original number of sections = (16-3) = 13

Original number of students = (24 x 13) = 312

Present number of students = (21 x 16) = 336

Number of new students admitted = (336 – 312) = 24

Q.3. A man earns ₹20 on the first day and spends ₹15 on the next day. He again earns ₹20 on the third day and spends ₹15 on the fourth day. OIf he continues to save like this, how soon will he have ₹60 in his hands?

Solution 3. Money earned in 2 days = 20-15 = ₹5

Money earned in 16 days = 5/2 x 16 = ₹40

On the 17th day, money in hand = ₹40 + ₹20 = ₹60

Q.4. 1250 pears were distributed among a group of boys of a class. Each boy got twice as many pears as the number of boys in that group. What is the number of boys in the group?

Solution 4: Let the number of boys in the group be y

Then, the number of pears given to each boy = 2y

Q.5. The average marks in science subject of 20 students is 68. If the marks of two students were misread as 48 and 65 instead of the actual marks i.e. 72 and 61 respectively. Find the correct average?

Solution5 : correct sum = 68 x 20 + 72 + 61 – 48 – 65 = 1380

Therefore, the average would be = 1380/ 20 = 69

Q.6. The average of 6 numbers is 7. The average of 3 numbers of them is 5. What will be the average of the remaining numbers?

Solution 6: Average of 6 numbers = 7

Therefore, the sum of remaining numbers = 42 – 15 = 27

And the required average = 27/3 = 9

Q.7. the difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the two-digits is 63. Which is the smaller of the two numbers?

Solution 7 : Let the tens digit be x and Units digit be y.

Q.8. In a two-digit number, the digit in the units place is four times the digit in tens place and the sum of the digit is equal to 10. What is the number?

Solution 8: let the tens digit be x then units digit be = 4x

So, tens digit = 2 and units digit = 8

Q.9. Rama’s age 3 years ago was three times the present age of shyama’s. At present Ghanshyams’s age is twice the age of Shyam. Also. Ghanshyam is 12 years younger than Rama. What is the present age of Ghanshyam?

Solution 9: Let the present age of Shyam be x years

Three years ago Rama’s age = 3x years

Then present age of Rama = (3x + 3)

Hence present age of Ghanshyam = 2 x 9 = 18 years

Directions 10-11. In each question, the main statement is followed by four sentences.

Select the pair of sentences that relates logically to the given statement.

Whenever Ram reads late into the night, his father beats him.

Ram gets a swollen nose whenever he eats hamburgers.

Directions 12-14: In each of the following questions, a paragraph has been split into four

parts. You have to rearrange these parts to form a coherent paragraph.

Directions 15-16 Fill in the blanks of the following sentences using the most appropriate word or words from among the options given for each.

Q.15. Learning is more efficient when it is ___. It is less efficient when it is ___.

Q.16. Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these leaders are ___ by altruistic desires.

Directions 17- 21: Read the following paragraph and answer the questions following it.

Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F work in different companies namely Pentagon, Risotto, Quake, Sumter, Mind Steal and Udaygiri and each wears company-sponsored different coloured vests, viz, Blue, Green, pink, Yellow, Purple and Red though not in the same order.

Q.17. The vest worn by B is of the colour:

Q.18. Who is the Mind Stealer employee ?

Q.21. The Vest worn by A is of the colour:

Q.22. Find out how many pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ DESCRIPTION’’ each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in English Alphabet.

Directions 23-24: The digits of each of the following five numbers are written in reverse order and five new numbers are obtained.

Now answer the following questions.

Q.23. Which of the following will be the third digit of the second highest new number?

The second highest new number is 627. Hence, the answer is 7.

Q.24. Which of the following will be the middle digit of the third number from top when the new numbers are arranged in descending order?

After rearrangement the numbers are :

When arranged in descending order the third number from top is 568. Hence, the answer is 6.

SBI PO Mock Test 1:- Download PDF Here

Ans. There are multiple benefits of solving the free SBI PO mock test series:

Aspirants willing to apply for the upcoming Probationary Officers exam must start the preparation and solve SBI po mock tests on a regular basis.

Ans. SBI PO free mock tests or sample papers can be easily found on various digital platforms, but to choose the best one in order to improve the quality of performance in the SBI PO exam is a tough choice. Here are the parameters to choose right SBI PO online mock tests :

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