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Therefore the exams are also held in the NCERT pattern.

As of 2014, the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council has adopted the NCERT curriculum for class 12 students. Therefore the exams are also held in the NCERT pattern. The board has further stated that by adopting such curriculum it will bring greater benefit to the students as they will be on par with students from other boards. However, class 12 exams are very important for students as the results they obtain will determine the careers they choose in the future.

Therefore, students need to prepare well for the exam. Apart from studying from the Assam Board textbooks , another way student can study productively is by practising and solving question papers. Students can further use and solve question papers to know how the entire exam paper will be set. Additionally, by making use of question papers, students will;

Students can access a set of Assam board class 12 question papers below and refer them to test their preparation level as well get an idea about the types of questions that are asked in each subject. These question papers will serve a great purpose of helping students prepare well for the board exams.

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