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The exam this year starts on 10 Feb 2020 and will end on 29 Feb 2020.

The Assam Board of Secondary education is responsible for conducting two main exams including class 10 every year.

The exam this year starts on 10 Feb 2020 and will end on 29 Feb 2020. Meanwhile, the results for the same is expected to be released in May. Please find in the table below, the 2020 exam date-sheet for Class 10.

Explore complete details of the timetables below:

As per the datasheet released by the board of education for the academic year 2018-19, the class 10 exams are scheduled to begin in the month of February 2019, and eventually conclude on March 2019. For class 12, the board exams scheduled from February to March 2019.

In a day there will be two sessions: Morning session -9:00 am to 12:00 noon, and the Afternoon session -1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

The board has also strictly instructed students that there will be no changes in this exam timetable even if the government has declared a holiday on any of the respective exam dates.

AHSEC has released the exam date sheet for the Class 12 Exam 2020. It is expected to start on 12 Feb and end on 14 March 2020.

General Foundation Course-II***(Voc)

Students can also check out more information about the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council here.

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Music (E) Dance (E)Garment Designing (E)

Manipuri (E) Bodo (E) Santhali (E)Bengali (E)

Advanced Mathematics (E) Sanskrit (E) Arabic (E) Persian (E) History (E) Geography (E) Home Science (E) Nepali (E) Computer Science (E)

Fiqh & Aquaid Weaving and Textile Designing (E)

Wood Craft (E) Retail Trade NSQF (E) IT/ITeS NSQF (E) Private Security NSQF (E) Agriculture and Horticulture NSQF (E) Tourism and Hospitality NSQF (E)

Elective Subjects – Textile Design and Clothing (E)

Elective Subjects – Retail Trade NSQF (E)

Elective Subjects – Hindi (E)/ Arabic Literature/ Garments Designing (E)

Manipuri (E)/ Bodo (E)/ Santhali (E)

Elective Subjects – Sanskrit(E)/ Arabic(E)/ Persian(E)/ Advance Mathematics(E)/ History(E)/ Geography(E)/ Home Science(E)/ Nepali(E)/ Computer Science(E)/ Bengali (E)

Physics/ Accountancy/Political Science/  Elective Paper-IV***  (Voc)

Advance Languages */ Arabic/ Persian/ Sanskrit

Modern Indian Languages*/ Alternative English

Logic & Philosophy/ Banking / Psychology/

Economic Geography / Music (Group B) **

Anthropology/ Sociology/ Salesmanship & Advertising

General Foundation Course-II (Vocational)

Advance Languages/ Arabic/ Persian/ Sanskrit

Physics (or) Accountancy (or) Political Science (or)Elective Paper-IV (Vocational)

Advance Sanskrit/ Elective Paper-V (Vocational)

Biology (or) Education (or)Commercial Mathematics & Statistics

Modern Indian Languages/ Alternative English

Logic & Philosophy/ Psychology/ Insurance

Geography (or) Geology (or) Banking

Anthropology/ Sociology/ Salesmanship & Advertising

Biotechnology/ History/ Economic Geography