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A good syllabus should always convey to students a clear idea of the course content.

A good syllabus should always convey to students a clear idea of the course content. It outlines the student’s responsibilities for success. Having a clear understanding of your syllabus and weightage allotted to different units will help you to gain more marks and how much time you ‘ll spend to read the chapters. Sometimes the […]

The major goal of science education in the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) enables students to think scientifically and logically, critically in our daily life situation. The Board has designed the SEBA Board Class 7 syllabus in such a way that student learns fast, develops their life skills, prepares for their future. The skills […]

The Secret of getting high is getting started.With the help of syllabus, find the learning objective, visualise the concepts, understand it and present in your final examination. In Students academics life, exam preparation is the most important part. Once the Student knows about the methodology regarding the preparation of exams, they will definitely score good […]

Every student needs some basic knowledge of Mathematics. It is not only an examination-oriented subject. It is a culture-oriented subject for the development of right values. Mathematics is a universal language. For all people in the world, mathematics remains the same. It has common notations, symbols, certain constants, Some inherent properties of geometrical figures. It […]

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) provides authority for conducting examinations and providing assurances for quality education to all. The board was set up in 14 March 1962.  The Secondary Education Commission made three reforms in the education system like alteration of the educational pattern, variation of secondary curriculum, changes in the examination system. […]

Knowing the syllabus of a particular subject makes learning simpler and also reduces a lot of time and energy looking for information for all possible sources. It clearly states what it expects from a student, thus giving him them an open mind to explore in that particular area. Syllabus clearly communicates about the learning methodologies […]

The syllabus includes proper information about the course along with the time frame given for each topic. By going through SEBA Board Class 6 Syllabus of Science the students will get a complete overview of what is expected from them for that academic year. Along with the topics, the syllabus also provides information about practical […]

Solving previous year question paper and other sample paper boost up the confidence of students to get better acquainted with the subjects and thus also do better for their final exams. They also get updated about the grading system and the distribution of marks for the question paper of specific subjects. By doing so, it […]

The Assam Act, XXV of 1961 (Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961) was passed to establish a Board of Secondary Education in the state to supervise, regulate, and develop Secondary Education in Assam. The Act came into force with effect from January 29, 1962, with the publication of Government of Assam, Education Department Notification. Thus the […]

SEBA Board Class 10 Science textbook is best in terms of content, explanation of concepts and examples. These textbooks help students to develop a strong foundation necessary for scoring well in their board exams. All the concepts are explained in detail and several solved questions are also provided to help students in better understanding of […]