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Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 Resources For Class 8 Science Social Science And Maths

Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh is one of the significant educational boards in the country. It is also one of the oldest boards along with the likes of CBSE and others in India. Numerous schools in the state are affiliated with the board and it is popular for its well laid out syllabus and definitive exam pattern. Having said that, Class 8 is a very important stage for students. This class forms the base for learning topics and concepts that will be discussed more deeply in Higher Classes like 10th, 11th and 12th.

Find below the Syllabus and Textbooks for Class 8 AP Board :

While it is important for students to perform well in Class 8, the most effective way to do so is by making use of additional study materials which include question papers, textbooks, etc. As such, syllabus and textbook for Science, Social Science and Maths of AP Board Class 8 are given here.

These are provided in order to help students study productively, clear their doubts and devise a proper preparation strategy for the exams. The study materials are prepared by subject experts and are all according to the latest syllabus. Students can access them subjectwise from the links given below.

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